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come on lets go get it onn ;] [13 Jun 2005|08:02pm]
i havent updated this in foreveerr ..

* thankk you kaydee for making my layout

[ soo .. school is almost donee =D hooooray! .. ill be a junior noww .. awwl! only 2 more dayysss of school . woo hoo .. ]

last weekend was borrring ..
friday was really sick and couldnt get out of bed. so i did nottthing at all of course .. im always siick .. poooor me!
saturday worked at bingo. made 112 bills =] hah gooo mee !! i was still sic though so it was rough . well worth it .. i was gonna go to cody's afterwards but no1 ended up going .. lol it was like 1130 anyway so i just came homee ..
sunday was gonna go to the mall then movies but that fell through? lol so i went to a bbq at my aunts but she has two dogs + a cat so i stayed in my gmas down the street .. had a shishkabob though. so yum.
today school. bleh. its SOO hot !! we didnt do anything though .. just talked all day and signed yearbooks and whatever . fun .. =] then came home and got changed and whatever .. went to the mall with britt, mother, and caityn .. there was nothing really good to buy.
i just got:
belly ring ( playboy bunny key )
belly ring ( long dangley stars )
brother's grad outfit? ( jeans and nice black shirt express )
outfit 2 ( skort and track jacket and tanktop from aero )
3 other shorts ( from aero .. really short, skankish )
4 thongss ( description = you dont need to know ;] )
bracelette ( areo .. silver hearts chied together? )
necklace ( aero .. goes with outfit 2 )
i didnt get an outfit for nicolettes gradation though .. my daddy said he will take me next week . yay .. i need to get my hair dyed next week too . ugh its a mess ..
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[21 Feb 2005|10:49pm]
Oh oh! Kimmy is back! Hoorayy!! Hah .. I missed doing these things and keeping yous updatedd soo here we go again!

Today is Monday. I had a snow day. I love snow days. =) Yeah well I'm tired so that's about enough of this. Maybe I'll do again tomorrow? Night!
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[10 Nov 2004|08:55pm]
Woo. I cannot waiiiit until this weekend. Eeeeekk! So muchh fun! I got my eyebrows done and got my outfit all ready! Plans for the weekend:

Thursday: Hair dying! Hoorah!!

Friday: After school, 3:00 -- Go home + get shower ASAP!.. 3:45 -- Get out + get dressed.. 4:15 -- Blow dry hair + do make-up.. 4:45 -- Either straighten my hair or curl it (( I don't know how I want it done yet.. )) 5:20 -- Be totally done + go get Chis Fox.. 6:00 -- Go to Brittany's.. 7:00 -- HARVEST DANCEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!.. Then Chickie's afterwards hollerrrr!! Then sleepover @ Jamie's..

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[07 Nov 2004|03:18pm]
Is it just me or am I always sick?!

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[07 Nov 2004|01:16pm]
Wow this weekend was the worst!! I've been in such a bad mood all weekend it's horrible! I just want to cry and cry and cry!!

Friday: I had cheerleading until 5. It is horrible!! My coach is a crack whore. I have to lift a girl who is taller than I am and I just cannot do it. Byrne was like flipping out. It was a wreck. Then I came home and had nothing to do! I got a shower n etc. Britt and Erin wanted to go to Chris's house, but I really didn't want to because I'm allergic to Snuggs. So I went over Britt's @ 8ish and the Cooper's and Chelsea Dever came down and Erin left us and went to Chris's. Umm me, Chelsey, Kari, Chelsea, and Britt just walked to Wendy's.. then Dunkin Donuts for some hot chocolate! Mmm it was yum. Lol me and Kari had a good talk. <3 Then we walked to Thoung's house and just sat outside and talked to Brianna. Blehh then we left there and went back to Britt's. I sarted to loose my voice and I knew I was starting to get sick. Dever's dad drove me home at like 11.15ish.

Saturday: WORST DAY EVER! EVER! Omg it was horrible. I woke up and really didnt feel good at all. My stomache hurt, my nose was running, I could hardly breathe, I kept caughing up green shit, my throat was sore, and everytime I tried to get up I like stumbled and was dizzy. On top of that, my arms and back were reallll sore from cheerleading so I could hardly move. Then I got into an argument with Chris. Ugh it was so bad. Alright so I'm in this bad bad mood.. but I was still going to go to Kate's house that night. I'm instant messing Brittany like crazy because she was my ride up there,and she ignored my IM's. I was flipping out. So I get all dressed and call her cell fone n she goes "ohh I'm already on 95". Like, gee thanks alot!! So I ended up staying in, sick and bored out of my mind!! I stayed online all night and was so cool. Haha. Then Pat Murphy thinks he's a funny guy calling my cell 38473246 times and hanging up everytime I answered. And he tried to tell me it wasn't him.. I'm like "Come on, we are the only geeks who are home on a Saturday night doing nothing" haha. Pat -- I know it was you, give up!

Sunday (today): Brittany calls at like 10.30 and woke me up. She was like "ohh your usually up by now". I'm like "I'm sick you fcuking retard, don't call me!" She pisses me off so bad sometimes. Blehh so then thanks to her I couldn't fall back to sleep. I got up and came downstairs. My dad was yelling at me for something.. I don't even remember what. And my mom is trying to make me go to the laundromat with her. I can't walk up flight of stairs without caughing up all this mucus and getting out of breath, but she expects me to go there and help her? Wtf is with people these days?! So it is 1.32, and all this shit happened already. Boy am I looking foreward to the rest of today man! I want to go back to sleep. I had suuuch good dreams last night. <3 SUCH good dreams. Anyway, I feel a little bit better than yesterday, but that isn't saying much. I think I'm going to watch the Eagles, then paint my nails and toes, then take a bubble bath. That should put me in a beter mood.
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[01 Nov 2004|04:14pm]
My weekend...

Friday - Me, Erin, Britt, Chelsey, Kari, Chelsea, Pat, and Chris all just chilled around Britt's house. It was actually pretty fun. We walked to CVS and I bought my new mascara that I love and am going to marry!

Saturday - Went to the movies. Pat took the bus to the el and me, Britt, and Erin met him there, then we took the el to the terminal and met Chris there, then we took the bus to Franklin Mills and met Bill, Joey, Bobby, Jamie, Kari, Chelsey, Chelsea, Jackie, Jess, Cody, Brianna, and I really don't remember who else. Some people went to see The Grudge.. and then other people came with me and saw Ladder 49. SUCH a sad movie. I cried my eyes out. Then I went home with Chelsea Dever's mom.

Sunday - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I got up, started getting dressed at like 1. Then I left for Mary's at like 4:30. We left ger house at like 5:15 nd went to Kate's. Then we went trick-or-treating. Yahoo. Then i go changed bc i was cold and my feet hurt. Hmmm then the boys came and we went to the hatcheries and did abosolutely nothing for hours. Pretty boring. Then most of the girls stayed over Kate's. I came home this morning at like 2ish I guess.

Now I'm doing my 2 projects that are due tomorrow. SO MUCH FUN! <3
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Hidden behind a smile. [21 Oct 2004|05:26pm]
Woooo! Today I actually felt alive. I have been so sick for this whole week. SUCH a relief to be able to breathe without wheezing and talk without getting a headache.. the things we take forgranted!! haha. Okay.. weekend plans~> ( I live for the weekends. The mere thought of a friday night is enough to pass me through the entire week)

Friday: Either Chris's house, then stay over Erin's OR Fright Fest at Six Flags with Nicolette OR ESP with everyone because Jamie wants to go Friday OR just chill in Juniata. Lol. I still have no cluue what I'm doing.

Saturday: ESP with everyone OR just chill in Juniata OR movies with everyone OR Fright Fest with Nicolette.

Sunday: My cousin Shannon's baby shower.

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[20 Oct 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm sick. I have been sence Monday. I fell asleep at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and didn't wake up until 5:45 this morining. I feel like shit!

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Weekends are love. [17 Oct 2004|12:51am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Friday: Umm.. I went over Brittany's at around 5ish. Erin was there and we just chilled for a little while. Then all the girls came down and we went and walked around. We just chilled on the corner for a while, real boring. It was Me, Erin, Brittany, Krissy, Jamie, Amanda, Kate, Brianna, Heather, Chelsey, Kari, Chelsey, Joey, Will, Bobby, Chris, and Pat. I think that's all. We just chilled and then me, Kate, Krissy, and Will got held at gun point. Yeah, it wasn't a fun night AT ALL. Then I stayed at Britt's house with Erin, Krissy, and Kate. I fell asleep from like 12 til 3. Then the girls woke me up and I couldn't fall back to sleep, So i stayed up and watched The Brady Bunch. Yay for the Brady's!

Saturday: Woke up at like 9, then my mom came at 10 and picked me up. I went to the gmas and ate breakfast and the fell back to asleep until 2. Then my mom took me home and I got a bubble bath (a hot one bc joey said I'd feel better, which I did). Then I waited like 3 hours and got picked up to go to the Fright Factory. All the people who went: Me, Erin, Jamie, Kate, Britt, Krissy, Jackie, Erin, Brig, Brianna, Jess, Joey, Bobby, Pat, Will, Cody, and Chris. Brig and Brittany didn't go in because they are gay! lol.. It was so much fun. Me and Erin were SO scared. It was a good timmee... Then we all squeezed into Krissy's car and went back to Britt's for a little while.

This weekend was fun but SO dramatic. Erin is sooooooo sexxyyyy lol. I fell on my ass and ruined a real cute pair of jeans. He makes me smile. CHEEEESSSEEE. lol I cannot believe myself! I made friedns with My Erin! annd I chilled w/ my babe Amanda again <3 MuahHh! I missed you!

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[11 Oct 2004|12:37pm]
[ mood | sick ]

My weekend..

Friday - Went out back in the woods. It was beat in the beginning, then me and Will walked to the Chinese store and met Chris, Erin, and Britt. I got pork lomeigne ((or however you spell that))!! It was so good, Will ate half of it. Then Chris was mad at me for some reason. Um then we went back to the bridge and just chilled. Then me, Britt, Pat Murphy, Will, and Chris walked back to Britt's. Britt and Chris ran ahead of us because Chris had to poop. haha. Then me Pat, Chris, and Will walked to talk to Joey. Um then Chris's mom came and took me home at like 12.

Saturday - Went to my grandmom's at like 4 and took a nap. Then Pat M. and Will called me and woke me up. You bums!! Um, at 5 my mom took me over to Jenn's house and I felt dumb because I didn't know which house was hers! But, then I found it and we left like 10 minutes after I got there and went to Jackie's. I LOVE Jackie's room! Omg it's the cutest! When we got there, Britt, Kate, and Erin came. We chilled and Jackie took all these pictures w/ her cam while we waited for Jess. Finalllllly Jess got there and we went to the hayride. We were like an hour later than planned. I felt bad because a bunch of girls from school and Pat and Will were waiting. Oops! I was scared shitless the whole time. It was so much fun though. We're definately doing that again this weekend. Lol there was a pig w/ a chainsaw, haha it sounds so funny now that I look at it, but wow I freaked when it was there!! I didn't want to go through the woods, but Pat wouldn't let me leave. Lol. We left "The Valley of Fear" at like 12 and me, Kate, Jenn, and Britt slept over Jackie's house. We were up until like 4 talking about anything and everything. Lol Jenn is funny when she's half asleep! (( Look at Jackie's profile for pics ))

Sunday - Uhmm I woke up at 10 and everyone else was still asleep. Britt's mom came and got us at like 12 and we all just went home. I didnt do anything Sunday really. I ate a half of a cheesesteak though! Ahh yummeh!

Today - Well, I woke up and my stomache was killing me, and other things were going wrong w/ my body that you's don't need to know about hah. So my mom let me stay home from school. Yay mommy!!! It's Nicolette's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think we are going to Bennihana's tonight for her bday. Good times. Bennihanas makes me happy. I think Britt's comming too, but I havent asked her yet. Lol but she will bc she loves me!

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[07 Oct 2004|09:12pm]
School today was fun. Me and Krissy had a water fight at lunch. Haha good times. Uhmm I don't think anything else happened. So much drama is going on though so I'm just staying ouuut of it!

Um after school, I came home and got dressed, then me and Britt went to get our eyebrows done. Then we went to Mansini's and I got a coconut smoothie. Yummeh! Then Chris came up and we walked and watch 2 LF soccer games.

Then I came home, argued w/ pat, ate dinner and now I'm doing nothing but eating sunflower seeds. Yummmm..
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</3 [06 Oct 2004|08:59pm]
Pat broke up with me. Need I say more? </3 I feel numb.
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Late at night when all the world is sleeping... [14 Sep 2004|04:02am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Yes. First full day of school. My lunch sucks. I was SO excited alllll day for pop-corn chicken, and when I got up there, there were none left! I like kicked the wall and stuff. I was so angry. I also fell down a flight of stairs going to church. It was hilarious. My whole homeroom was crackin up. Then I didn't bring my Alge2 books with me and had to jet out of Geo. Sister was like "Woah! Shes fast" Lmao. Other than that, my day went relatively swimmingly! I saw my Kaydee. Hopefully I'll get in early tomorrow to go see her and Mary.

Anyway, I like my hair alot. I think I look a little better with it lighter. This weekend is busy busy for me. Friday I think I have Chris's party to go to. Then saturday I have Britt's brothers wedding. Sunday, however I have nothing planned so I can bum it.

I woke up about an hour ago and can't sleep. I have alot on my mind. I feel like I've got good advice from someone I've never met. Complicated? You don't know the half of it. I just wish I was a little kid. Walking around singing sing-alongs, only crying because the lights were out or because I got a boo-boo, war was just something in a movie, and the only thing we were concerned with was who got the best box of crayons. I would choose a hurt knee over a hurt heart anyday. Like, yeah sure, people say "follow your heart" but what if you don't know what your heart wants? Hm? I'd like to see cute sayings made up of that. I wish I could look into the future. Just for a minute. I want to know if all of this is even worth it.

"You've got to find a way to survive, because they win when your soul dies. Baby please don't cry. Dry your eyes. Keep your head up. Even when the road is hard, never give up." Yayness.

I'm going to stop rambling now because no one has a clue what I'm talking about anyway. lol.

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'Cause I Get Lost Inside My fear [11 Sep 2004|12:11pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Omg I just typed 7 paragraphs on this shit and then I got kicked off and it all got erased! *cries* Now my lazy self has to re-type everything. I rambeled on about skanks for a little while, but I don't feel like retyping that. And I don't fell like telling yous what I did yesterday because that was 2 paragraphs and I doubt yous care anyway lol.

I love my roster. I abosolutely adoooore Mr. Miskeil and Senorita Esse. They are my two favorites. I'm going to have so much fun this year. There will be a party every morning on the third floor hallway. Ahh I cannot wait!

I want to go back Monday to see Kaydee, Angie, Mary, and all the new freshmen. Fun Fun! My lunch is awesome. I sit next to Jamie and accross from Kate. I missed looking at Kate everyday lol. I love you. Me and Steph Staley are going to be the pigs of the table this year haha.

I'm getting my hair dyed today with Nicolette. I'm getting more blonde highlites this time. Can't wait. I want to start to go to Curves with her too. It would be so fun. Plus I'd loose weight. I promise you all that I WILL be skinny by summer! I don't think my dieting is enough. Okay well, I don't feel like rambling like I did before so I will end here.

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Yay for food. [09 Sep 2004|10:00am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I woke up at 2:30 in the morning again last night. I'm so tired! Today was, my little sister, Caitlyn's first day of school. She cried. I felt so bad and my mom was read upset.
I'm going to go with her to pick Caitlyn up at like 11. Then we are going to my grandmoms so she can see her in her uniform. Then i have an eye doctors apointment at 1. Reservations at Applebee's at 2. Then cheerleading at 6. Hopefully it rains though so thats one more thing to knock off.
You know what, I've been getting really irritated lately. Girls just bother me! "She said this." "Thats not what I heard." "You are controlling." Jesus, can't they just grow up and get over themselves?! GRRR!

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puff the magic draaaagon [06 Sep 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i am listening to puff the magic dragon. it is pimp. uhm me and pat are arguing right now. whyy must we do this? i cant stand him right now. he makes me want to commit homocide. did i even spell that right?

saturday i went down pats and we just goofed around outside with them pop things that you have on new years w/ the stringy.. and i taught caitlyn how to ride w/o training wheels. go me. then i slept over my grandmoms. i fell asleep at 12 and woke up at 6 the next morning. legend.

yesterday i got up and just bummed it @ my gmas til like 12, then my mom picked pat up and we went w/ her to all these stores and to feed my aunts lizard crickets. one of them jumped on my tit. i almost shit myself. ew i was disgusted. then we went back to pats and we got into another argument

today i went to pats and then did nothing

anyway, i go to school on friday. i cant wait. im so excited. i miss everyone like crazy!

thats all i have to say ttfn

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funfun.. n000t [04 Sep 2004|02:13am]
[ mood | geeky ]

t0day sucked. i stayed up alm0st all night. then i went t0 pats at like 2. we stayed there until about 8. then we went 0ver britts and chilled 0n her step until 9. then we went back in the wo0ds. me pat britt jamie j0ey chris and b0bby were 0ff 2 the side 0f every1 talking. they were drinking and smoking. its gay. then we left and went back 2 britts and chris's m0m dr0ve me and pat h0me. me and pat g0t in an0ther argument. =( bo0..

i have no0 idea what im d0ing t0m0rr0w n0w..


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i dont wanna kiss you goodnight [03 Sep 2004|04:53am]
[ mood | cold ]

heyl0 l0vers. s0 t0day i was supp0sed t0o g0 to0 the sh0re, but i didnt. but my daddy to0k my family and pat 0ut. we left @ like 4:30 and we went t0o 0utback steak h0use! 0mg yummm.. i had a mean blo0min 0ni0n + fries + a 7 0z- vict0rian center-cut filet! l0l fatass = me.. then we left and we went t0o nesh. we watched my br0ther shawn r0ck climb.. then we all played the crane machine, my dad + m0m spent @ lleeeasttt $40 0n the stupid thing!.. we w0n 5 animals th0ugh! yay.. then me, pat, my m0m, and caitlyn went to0 see princess diaries 2 and my 2 br0thers and dad saw 0pen waters. caitlyn cried the first half 0f the m0vie because she was scared 0f the dark and the l0udness. then she slept for a while, then watched the last half l0l. it was suuch a kute m0vie th0ugh. my dad said their m0vie was h0rrible. their m0vie g0t d0ne bef0re 0urs seo0 they went int0 m0dells and my dad g0t me eagles pj pants and eagles sh0rts! yay! they are to0 cute.. i l0ve the eagles!.. then i fell asleep on pats sh0ulder 0n the way h0me.. he w0ke me up to0 give me a kiss b4 he g0t 0ut th0ugh.. we g0t h0me @ like 9:30 and i went right to sleep. it sucks because i g0t up at like 2:30 an i have been b0red 0ut 0f my mind sence then! l0l. seo0 that was my exciting night.

t0m0rr0w sh0uld be go0d.. im g0ing d0wn pats during the day, then every1 is c0mming d0wn juniata that night so0 me and pat are c0mming up here early. it sh0uld be interesting.. i think they are drinking.. bo0o.. and things get 0utta hand.. its 0ur last summer friday!!! no0o0o.. im seo0 sad.. 1 week from n0w ill be waking up to0 get ready f0r scho0l

saturday ryan wants me to0 c0me with him to0 go0 ice skating.. i want to0 th0ugh. i miss that. i think ill go0.. i wanna meet renee, she s0unds seo0 kute

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seo0o beat [01 Sep 2004|09:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

uhm yehh t0day i g0t up @ ten, g0tta sh0wer @ 0ne.. then i dr0pped my uniform 0ff t0 get hemmed 4 sko0l.. hmm then i picked up britt n we went to0 get 0ur nails d0ne, they l0ok seo0 darn kuute!.. then we walked back to0 my house n picked up sum go0d ass Ge0rge's cheesesteaks 0n the way.. then we ate em n i taught britt h0w to0 put 0il in a car.. then we left n went to0 wawa n g0t me sum evian 4 cheerleading.. then we went to0 cheerleading.. i finally g0t my back walk-0ver n my fr0nt thankz 2 andy l0lz!!.. katrina was thrilled.. n i taught kirsten the cheer all wr0ng. i suck l0l.. 0mg though we hadda run seo0 much n i threw up that cheesesteak in my m0uth n swall0wed it.. ugh it was sick!!.. on a lighter n0te: i g0t put up int0 my first full.. it was skary but i l0oved it!.. n maria made me sh0w the wh0le team h0w 2 d0 a jump, i felt seo0 special haha.. then we left my m0m g0t my br0 stuff fr0m wendys n we dr0pped britt 0ff n yeah came h0me

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i suppose i am back? [01 Sep 2004|02:06am]
[ mood | tired ]

0kay l0l my kaydee missed me updating in here se0 she redid my lay0ut seo0 i c0uld write 4 her.. h0w kuute!.. well uhm se0 much has been happening to0 mee.. me n pat r ina fight ryte n0w.. b0oo.. but anywh0...

t0day i just went to the laundr0mat w/ my m0m n pat came up to0 help us 0ut l0l.. then i went to0 his h0use n we watched p0on l0l.. uhmm then we talked ab0ut stuffz.. then he walked me ar0und my m0m-m0mz n i ate dinner.. then my m0mmy dr0ve me to0 brittanys h0use n i highlited her hair n i kinda messed up.. o0psies! my badd!.. hehe uhmm yeah seo0 that was ab0ut all. mike (pats stepdad) to0k the fone away from d0wnstairs seo0 pat and his br0ther w0uld g0 t0 bed.. but they f0und 0ne 0f his lil sisters f0nes n ho0ked it up n called me but hes sleepin n0w n im very tired and n01 is pr0bably g0ing t0 read this l0l seo0 ill shh.. x0o

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